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6.10. eNewsletter Send Schedule

Updated 07.08.20

NewPanda provides eNewsletter content for our Realtor customers. eNewsletter style eMessage templates are available to ALL users in the Send Your Messages / Customize a Template / Newsletter Style category.  Click here to view instructions for this feature.

On the delivery date, you can still make changes to your newsletter.  Just be sure your final changes are saved before the scheduled delivery time you see in Your Messages.

Subscriber volume and throttling requirements by the receiving Email Service Providers determine the amount of time it takes to complete each eNewsletter send. Unfortunately, the days of being able to blast out kabillions of emails within even a few hours are looooong gone. So we throttle your messages to keep you (and us) in good standing with all the Email services like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, Hotmail and all the rest ... so your messages get delivered, not blocked, every time. 

You can expect the bulk of your eNewsletters to be delivered within a 1-2 day range after the send START time and date.

NEW: Email subject lines for your newsletters will no longer reference any date (day, week OR month). Rather, we'll create a subject line around the monthly newsletter theme; you can also create your own subject line. The message your subscribers receive in their email Inbox is date-stamped for the moment your eNewsletter leaves our servers (usually mere seconds before they receive it) so your eNewsletters will never "look late".

NewPanda is totally committed to using the most up-to-date technology and sending practices, along with the most knowledgeable technical staff to ensure deliverability of your very important messages.  It's part of the service we guarantee.  Read more.

To keep your content is as up-to-the-minute as possible, we don't finalize the messages until moments before you receive your monthly notification. Use the calendar below to view the Newsletter availability and sending schedule.

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