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4.34. If I delete an unsubscribed contact and re-enter them, what happens?

Our system tracks Unsubscribes by unique customer ID and the recipient email address.  If you delete a contact whose email address is unsubscribed from your mailing list, then re-enter them (as long as you are using the same email address), our system will recognize the email address and automatically unsubscribe it.  We are required to do this in order to comply with federal and international regulations.

If you have a contact in your database several times with different email addresses, it's important to know that if the contact unsubscribes from your messages from one email account, it doesn't automatically unsubscribe the contact's other email addresses.  This is actually a good thing, because it's possible (and even quite probable) that the recipient really wants to hear from you, but would prefer to receive your messages in one particular email account (like their personal email account) rather than another (like their work email account). 

If you manage multiple accounts through NewPanda, please note that the Unsubscribe feature is unique to each account.  If the same email address exists in multiple accounts and if unsubscribed from one, should be unsubscribed from additional accounts, you'll need to manage that manually.

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