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6.4. Editing eNewsletters / Content

Updated 08.27.2019

On the delivery date, you can still make changes to your newsletter.  Just be sure your final changes are saved before the scheduled delivery time you see in Your Messages.

1. If you want to edit your Personal Articles, Listings, Header Image, Newsletter Title or Send Date, you must do these things FIRST:

2. Once these items have been updated, you can (OPTIONAL) view / edit your eNewsletter Message - including the send time/date - from your YOUR MESSAGES list.  Please be aware that if you choose to edit the contents of your eNewsletter via the EDIT feature, NewPanda can neither replace content you remove nor troubleshoot or fix any changes you create.  We recommend you either:

  1. Copy the original contents (click the HTML tab, select all, copy, and paste into a .txt document to save on your desktop), or
  2. Use the Replicate feature to create an exact copy of your message with which to work. That way if you make a mistake, your original copy is still available.
  3. Don't forget to DELETE the original message once you're done editing your NEW message.

More info here: Working with Saved Messages

3. If when viewing the message, no changes have been made OR are needed (it's good the way it appears), ABANDON the message by clicking the Dashboard or Manage Your Contacts tab.  That way any changes you make to your personal content later will still be accepted.  If you have edited the message's contents, obviously, click Save & Continue to save your changes, understanding you can no longer edit your Personal Articles, Listings, or Settings for this edition.  Once you save the contents of the eNewsletter in your Your Messages list, the content is set as-is; no further updates except by editing the message itself will be saved. 

Click here to view instructions for managing subscriptions.

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